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AWS Marketplace for Teradata Software

Learn about Teradata software on AWS: Overview, Products, Product Details, Getting Started, Services, Use Cases, Support, and Resources


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Teradata Database on AWS combines Teradata data warehouse software with the agility and flexibility of Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure.

Benefits include self-service, under-an-hour provisioning, and pay-as-you-go – plus the ability to extend an on-premises analytic ecosystem into the AWS environment. Additional advantages:

  • Rapid and easy procurement – quick proofs of concept for analytic exploration
  • Hourly or annual subscriptions – pay only for what you use, optimize your spend
  • Software consistency with on-premises – leverage existing Teradata investments

Teradata Database on AWS is sold via AWS Marketplace, the AWS online store that helps business customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software. AWS handles billing and payments, and software charges appear on your AWS bill. Learn more.

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Customer Success

“In the buildup to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games we needed to incorporate an enterprise relational database capability into our existing data ecosystem in AWS, and jumped at the opportunity to leverage the new Teradata Database on AWS solution. Partnering with AWS-certified architects and designers from Teradata, we successfully implemented and integrated the solution in less than three weeks. This gave us a reliable and scalable ecosystem that allowed us to transform huge volumes of data into critical business insights needed throughout the event. The capability played a key role in driving the engagement of the more than 1 million new users who registered on our Olympics app, as well as a phenomenal 29% increase in average minutes streamed!”
– David Miller, Director, Data and Business Intelligence at Seven West Media

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Common Use Cases for Teradata Database on AWS

The primary ways to take advantage of Teradata Database on AWS include:

  • Try the latest version of Teradata software to explore new features – with no commitment
  • Do Test and Development in an agile environment separate from on-premises resources
  • Conduct Proofs of Concept (POCs) to examine new hypotheses or validate software integration
  • Perform analytics on cloud-based data repositories, including data stored in Amazon S3 or EMR

For more information, visit the Use Cases page.


Cloud Deployment Enables Agility and Flexibility

Teradata Database on AWS offers powerful options that provide scalability, support, and convenience including:

  • MPP multi-node scalability (1 to 64 nodes) – start small and grow as needed
  • Teradata Premier Cloud Support – communicate with Teradata experts directly
  • Backup to (and query data within) Amazon S3 – and spread resources (and risk) across regions

Learn more about Teradata cloud data warehousing and analytics with these assets:



Getting Started

Do it Yourself

Subscribe and deploy on your own using our Getting Started documentation. Customers familiar with both Teradata software and the AWS operating environment can be up in about an hour.

Let Us Help You

Engage with Teradata Services for assistance in architecting and deploying Teradata software on AWS. Customers seeking our expertise will appreciate the benefits of this approach. Read the press release.


Teradata Database on AWS offers quick time to value. Convenient bundles enable workload portability between cloud and on-premises systems.

Getting Started

AWS offers many powerful options. We provide intuitive instructions for launching and configuring Teradata software to help you get going right away.

Services for AWS

Teradata is renowned for expert professional, managed, and enhanced support services across a wide range of data and analytic topics.

AWS Support

Teradata’s Premier Cloud Support is included with Teradata subscriptions on AWS Marketplace, which provides 24x7 incident creation for problem resolution.

Resources for AWS

We’ve assembled helpful resources including Frequently Asked Questions, partner ecosystem software information, links to documentation, and more.

Contact Us

Learn more about Teradata Hybrid Cloud options. Our product and services experts can help you get the most value from your data.