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Use Microsoft Azure to Power Teradata Vantage

Better Together:
Vantage + Azure

Nothing can touch the superiority of Teradata Vantage as an analytics platform. Coupled with the worldwide footprint of Microsoft Azure, customers can use Vantage to attain another level of advanced analytics.

Use both together to perform analytics on all available data – whether in Vantage, Azure Blob, Azure Data Lake Store, or other Azure databases. Scale as needed and integrate seamlessly with preferred business intelligence and visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

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Vantage on Azure powers many use cases:

Access New Features

Try the latest version of Teradata software to explore new analytic capabilities

Test and Develop

Run test/dev workloads separate from on-premises resources

Try New Ideas Fast

Conduct POCs to quickly analyze a fresh data set

Create Data Labs

Empower data scientists to load and join data in their own areas

Run Production

Operationalize analytics with or without on-premises infrastructure

Recover Quickly

Establish an agile cloud-based disaster recovery environment

Deploying Teradata Vantage on Azure

Choices for Meeting User Needs

Teradata and Azure make it easy to perform advanced analytics in the cloud. Want Vantage without worrying about the infrastructure? Choose Vantage on Azure (see below). Want to customize an Azure data warehouse environment and have more granular control? Pick Vantage on Azure on a do-it-yourself basis. Either way, enjoy the same Vantage features using Azure infrastructure.

Business Benefits
Why Choose As-a-Service?

With as-a-service, Teradata manages the performance, security, availability, and operations of customers’ analytics infrastructure in Azure. Internal teams can focus on answers, not IT. Teradata handles detailed tasks—software patches, version upgrades, performance reporting, and ticket resolution—so customers can manage their business.
  • Business Focus:  Enables focus on data-driven business insights
  • Consistency:  Uses the same Teradata software as deployed everywhere
  • Security:  Provides peace of mind via security and audited compliance
  • Scalability:  Quickly scale up, down, out, and in – or stop and then restart later
  • Monitor and Control:  Easily manage the account through the Management Console
  • Financial Clarity:  Simplifies budgeting via predictable pricing with no hidden fees
As-a-service makes it easy to get greater value from data.

Subscriptions include infrastructure services:


Onboarding and provisioning assistance


System monitoring and maintenance


Patch management and software upgrades


Encryption of data in motion and at rest


Choice of daily, weekly, or monthly backups


Premier Cloud Support included

  • Features and Benefits

Teradata prioritizes security. All as-a-service customer data is encrypted and never moved across country borders.


Rigorous design and independent third-party audits underscore as-a-service compliance with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, and ISO 27001.

Compute and Storage

Select the compute performance and storage needed for applications and use cases. View the Cloud Service Description to see the latest choices.

Azure Global Footprint

Vantage on Azure is available from many Azure regions in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. View the FAQs for a comprehensive list.

Teradata Premier Cloud Support

As-a-service includes comprehensive infrastructure and software support, including provisioning, onboarding, software patching, and updates.

Management Console

Teradata gives customers the information they need to control their account in one convenient web-based tool.

Network Connectivity

Choose from several methods for connecting to a Vantage on Azure account ranging from 650 Mbps to 10 Gbps, including Azure ExpressRoute.

Attractive Pricing

Teradata offers flexible Vantage on Azure subscription pricing to simplify budgeting – and there are no hidden fees.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure?

Using Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake

A Great Place for Infrequently-accessed Data

Vantage uses Azure Blob for backups. Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake are both great solutions for passive, infrequently-accessed data because the cost of storage is lower than that of alternatives. The integration between Vantage and Azure Blob / Data Lake works well for companies with large amounts of data, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. The offerings work in a complementary capacity; when users want to run analytics on data stored in Azure Blob or Azure databases, they can simply query that data from the Azure data warehouse without first moving the data into Vantage.
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