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Advanced Financial Analytics

  • Revenue growth across digital and traditional channels using contextually aware insights and real-time decisioning across inbound/outbound channels

  • Efficiency improvements and automation across complex multi-channel business processes that rapidly identify process inefficiencies and drive cross-channel, digitally-enabled improvement

  • Simplification, cost reduction, and closer alignment to regulator objectives by deploying a sustainable strategic enterprise approach

  • Sophisticated knowledge management tools are needed for defining increasingly complex, significant events and turning them into customer interaction opportunities that produce tangible benefits to the bank

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17 of the Top 20 Global Banks Impact Business Outcomes with Enhanced Financial Analytics Operationalized at Scale

ABANCA: Operational Day One readiness leads to rapid returns for financial services analytics and financial services data companies.
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Customer Story

Incorporating information from multinational bank acquisitions, ABANCA is extending data analytics across all organizations. The result is operational day one readiness for rapid returns.

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Our Record Speaks for Itself

We empower our clients to achieve high impact business outcomes delivered through an agile analytics platform. The world’s largest, most complex companies have confidence in our ability to meet their short-, medium-, and long-term analytical requirements. Teradata can help you establish a business capability for continuous improvement—starting where you are right now and growing, delivering value quickly, then operationalizing—so you constantly deliver improved business outcomes.

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We are recognized for our superior technology vision and capability based on integration of Teradata and open source technologies deployed in the public or Teradata cloud, and/or on-premises across Teradata and commodity hardware.