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Benefits of a SAS and Teradata Combined Solution

Analytics is about making better decisions when it matters. In this video, learn how SAS and Teradata are making that possible by breaking down silos of data and enabling companies to use analytics to make impactful decisions.

The SAS® and Teradata partnership has revolutionized how organizations leverage advanced analytics to make critical business decisions. Teradata has been working hand-in-hand with SAS to build one-of-a-kind solutions that help companies solve big data analytics challenges since 2007. With Teradata development teams on-site at SAS daily, these solutions are rigorously tested and proven to deliver the highest level of performance and lowest total cost of ownership. 

SAS Reseller Badge1And now we’re making it even easier. As a Global Authorized SAS Reseller, Teradata is able to quickly deploy and implement SAS solutions that are optimized for performance by leveraging in-depth in-Database and in-Memory analytics functionality developed specific for SAS and Teradata customers. Functionality that is available now from a single source and in a single, easy to select, configure and manage cabinet directly from Teradata. 

Learn How to Optimize Your SAS Analytics Performance
Improving SAS performance isn’t about adding new products; it’s about getting more from what you already have. Teradata understands this and has developed proven strategies to help customers do just that. Get more from their existing SAS solutions.


Below are some of the solutions Teradata developed to support SAS customers:

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800 with SAS Analytics The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800 with SAS Analytics
This appliance makes it easy to incorporate SAS analytics directly into the cabinet with your data. It makes in-Database processing simple by eliminating data movement and enabling SAS model development and scoring to happen where the data resides to optimize analytics performance.
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The Teradata Appliance for SAS The Teradata Appliance for SAS
The Teradata Appliance for SAS is specifically designed to support SAS in-Memory analytics using SAS High-Performance Analytics and SAS Visual Analytics. It integrates SAS in-memory capabilities with the industry leading data warehouse platform to offer exceptionally fast model development and data visualization.
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The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop with SAS Analytics The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop with SAS Analytics
This purpose-built integrated hardware and software solution offers optimized hardware for Hadoop, SAS In-Memory Analytics and SAS in-Database Analytics all within a single cabinet.
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All-in-One SAS Analytics Ecosystem

Fortunately, Teradata has made choosing the right platform for your SAS analytics quick and easy by assembling everything you need in a single box that is fully supported and ready to run. Developed in collaboration with SAS, the Teradata 2800 Data Warehouse with SAS Analytics minimizes your risk by integrating a best-in-class Teradata data warehouse and the SAS server in one cabinet. It brings your data and analytic together into one box for easy, quick access and analysis.

Teradata and SAS have also developed the Teradata Appliance for SAS Model 750 that has been built specifically to enable SAS in-memory solutions such as SAS High-Performance Analytics Products, Visual Analytics, Visual Statistics, and IMSTAT. This solution supports in-memory computing and the ability to quickly access data directly to your data warehouse over our high-speed BYNET network.

And because both solutions are built using proprietary Teradata enterprise data warehousing technology, it is entirely scalable, provides exceptional security and data governance, and is backed by a team of SAS experts that can help you maximize the performance of your SAS Analytics tools.


Making Better Decisions Faster with SAS Analytics

Less Data Preparation Means More Decisions, SAS and Teradata combined solution

Improving your utilization of SAS analytics doesn’t require a complete overhaul of what you’re already doing or even the purchase of new software. It’s about doing more with what you already have, making your people more productive, and simply making your SAS Analytics solutions run faster.

In collaboration with SAS, Teradata has developed proven solutions that eliminate the unnecessary effort related to the management and movement of data for analysis. Effort that can account for up to 80 percent of your business analysts’ time

The joint solution integrates your SAS tools with your Teradata analytics platform, minimizing or eliminating the time required to prepare the data for analysis and making it possible for organizations to ask more questions, more quickly. The result is an exponential improvement in speed. Significant improvements that can cut modeling times from months and days to hours and minutes.

In addition, analysts can also work with complete data sets, not samples; as well as the option to load test data of their own, without having to ask IT for help or worry that that data will negatively impact the larger data set


Technology Solutions Created by SAS and Teradata

  • SAS and Teradata Advanced Analytics Advantage Program for Hadoop

    Organizations are always looking for new ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. For SAS users, this can include adding Hadoop to your analytics platform. Fortunately, Teradata takes the guess work and risk out of integrating Hadoop into an analytics platform that is optimized to support your SAS Analytics needs. Learn more

  • SAS and Teradata Credit Scoring Advantage Program

    This solution was the first to enable organizations to execute SAS Credit Scoring functions inside the Teradata database at extraordinary speed to manage credit application adjudication and portfolio management. Learn more

  • Improved Data Quality Starts in the Database

    Better data equals better analytics. That’s why SAS and Teradata teamed up to provide the first integrated solution to enable in-database data quality. A proven solution that helps you cleanse large volumes of data and integrate all data sources before loading to the data into the data warehouse. It’s the smarter, faster way to eliminate your data quality issues for the whole enterprise. Learn more

  • Automated Analytics at the Speed of Business

    If you’re worried about making the right decisions in real time, then you’re not making them fast enough. To help, SAS and Teradata have developed a comprehensive solution that allows you to automate operational decision processes founded on advanced analytics so that you can make the best decision for any scenario in real-time. Learn more



Take the opportunity to meet with SAS and Teradata experts in the field. We’re constantly bringing our teams and solutions to local events like SAS User Groups, regional analytics conferences, and one-on-one briefings. Often these events are co-hosted by SAS.

See a list of upcoming events. Can’t find one that’s close to you? Then request a meeting with a SAS expert for a personalized meeting.


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