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What You Think About the Internet of Things Needs a Rethink

Sensor and other IoT Data Are Useless without Scale, Context and Complex Analytics

Do you know what the Internet of Things (IoT) really means for your company, and the best IoT applications to harness all that data for the good of your business?

The buzz about the IoT disruption and transformation can certainly sound like hype. And for companies lacking a clear business case and specific plans for sensor data and device data, the IoT will be more talk than action. Because when devices are talking and won’t shut up, Big Data threatens to deluge IT and analytics groups.

Businesses that design and integrate the right data architectures, establish robust IoT data analytics platforms, and form the right teams will find that the IoT is not the next big thing, but a now big thing.


What is the internet of things (IoT)?
What is the analytics of things (AoT)?

Understanding the meaning of IoT is the first step to figuring out how it can change your business for the better – and the required technology components you need, from initial proofs of concepts all the way to enterprise-grade IoT platforms, to make it happen.

AoT is the analytics that happens on top of raw data streams. This provides context and data insights companies can use to act on data insights instead of simply marveling at data volume.

Defining IoT and AoT

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Research and Insights

What Thought Leaders and Innovators Know About the IoT

Top companies are already finding relevant insights and deeply embedded value in their sensor data and putting it to work to drive innovation and performance gains. Learn about both current trends and the future of IoT, courtesy of some of the biggest, boldest thinkers in industry today.


Why Teradata

Advanced Architectures, Analytics at Scale and Experienced Teams

Teradata helps some of the world's most successful companies make sense of some of the largest, fastest and most complex data sets. From delivering a robust IoT strategy and architecture to IoT data analytics and training, our IoT experts can help you generate value from your IoT data.

IoT Solutions


IoT in Action: Who's Innovating for Value - and How They're Doing It

From retail and financial services to high-tech manufacturing and energy, IoT leaders are leveraging effective IoT applications, solutions, architectures and platforms for value today. Learn more about their success stories and share in their lessons learned.

IoT in action

graphic Retail

Getting Hip to the IoT and Customer Analytics 2.0

Facing major disruptions, retailers are leveraging IoT data – "smashing it up to see what happens" - and embracing Customer Analytics 2.0 to fight off new competitive threats.

Retail & IoT  
graphic Utilities

Pacific Gas & Electric: The Evolution of Analytics through Smart, Useful Data

Building on a strong IoT platform, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) has developed a culture of analytics to improve the integration of their Smart Meter and Smart Grid capabilities and remain at the forefront of the utility industry.

Utilities & IoT  
graphic Transportation

Siemens: The Internet of Trains

Advanced analytics and a robust IoT architecture provide the right business insights for Siemens. Sensor data analytics and predictive maintenance reduce operational failures and keep the trains running on track and on time.

Siemens & IoT  
graphic Manufacturing

Volvo Cars: Using the IoT to Enhance Their Customer’s Driving Experience

Volvo Cars uses Internet of Things (IoT) data and IoT Data Analytics insights to predict component failure rates and improve the driving experience and gain new business opportunities for its customers.

Volvo Cars & IoT